If you want to strengthen your organi­zation’s ability to look across and think ahead, we are your go-to part­ner. We offer a wide range of advisory and con­sult­ing services targeted at organizations aiming to com­pose comprehensive pictures of their business and infor­mation techno­logies and to determine target states that are aligned with the strategy and provide a clear focus on what to work towards. In particular, we em­power you to balance things out and over­come con­flicting interests and prio­rities across the organi­zation. Our specialty are enterprise architecture (EA) and business archi­tecture (BA), which we blend with design-oriented approaches of other origins where appro­priate. We listen to you and make every effort to add real value to your business. We are your inde­pendent and trusted advisor that you can count on when it comes to archi­tecture practice deve­lop­ment, architecture blue­printing, business design, and digital trans­formation matters.


We assist you in the creation of archi­tecture blueprints that are methodically sound and di­gestible by your stake­holders alike. Whether it is about value stream maps, capability maps, infor­mation maps, appli­cation landscape maps, or other kinds of representa­tions, we aim to guide you towards the use of blueprints that make a difference.


We facilitate activities focused on the (re)design of your business, em­bracing a wide range of aspects from customer journey, value propo­sition, products, and channels to process, organization, resources, and culture. Our ap­proach aims at crafting designs that are both driven by customer needs and grounded in the overall business archi­tecture.


We give you support throughout your digital transformation journey. From current state analysis and strategy setting to target oper­ating model design, IT architecture definition, and roadmap creation – we help you shape the digital future of your business. This ensures clarity of direction, trans­lation into actionable plans, and alignment across the organization.

EA / BA Practice Development

We help you create and mature an enterprise (or business) architecture practice that caters to your needs. Based on the analysis of stakeholders and their concerns, we guide you in the definition of a framework for your practice, including, e.g., services, deliverables, processes, roles, and governance structures. We work with you to develop a set of architecture principles and to select a tool to imple­ment a proper know­ledgebase for your practice. In addition, we help you prepare stories and collateral material to effectively communicate and market your practice in the organization.

Our Mindset

Across our advisory and consulting services, this is how we see and typically approach things:

  • We help build practices and artifacts in a stakeholder-oriented way, guided by the “as much as necessary, as little as possible” principle.
  • We come with a highly comprehen­sive approach to business archi­tecture (incl. business motivation, business model, and business execution, which form what we coined the “Business Architecture Triangle”).
  • We make use of architecture standards to the extent appropriate to a situation at hand, incl., e.g., the BIZBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge®) and the ArchiMate® language.
  • We combine enterprise architecture and business architecture approaches with tools and practices from other fields such as Design Thinking, Scaling Agile, and Customer Experience.
  • We think outside the box and are keen to develop novel approaches if needed.
  • We aim to make architecture a collaborative effort in the organization.
  • We consider storytelling a cornerstone of successful architecture practices.
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