Architecture practices that are in­evitable parts of organizations all around the world – that’s  core to our vision. Sharing know­ledge and expe­riences as to holistic and structured forward thinking as em­bodied in enterprise architecture (EA) and business architecture (BA) is therefore a funda­mental part of our service offering. To help individuals or teams advance as archi­tecture practi­tioners, we provide a number of learning expe­riences suited for new and experienced pro­fes­sionals alike.

We are practitioners ourselves and speak from many years‘ expe­rience in the EA and BA fields. We place particular impor­tance on practice orientation in our courses. As such, our courses don’t preach theory (frameworks, methods, etc.), they come with an ade­quate sense of prag­matism and offer a balanced view on the topics in focus. We consider ourselves peers and make sure to communicate on equal terms. Our ap­proach draws upon the vast training experience of Daniel – our founder and lead course instructor – who has taught many hundreds of archi­tecture practi­tioners in Germany and across Europe to date (see testimonials).

Our course program embraces three areas: business architecture, archi­tecture story­telling & facilitation, and architecture modeling. In each of these areas, we offer a number of courses at different levels of profi­ciency and / or with different focal points. If you are on the lookout for help to gain or expand your under­standing in these areas, ACROSS & AHEAD Academy is the place to go.

Generally, you can make your choice between public classes, which let you connect with international participants from various other organi­zations, and private / in-house events, which allow you to move along a learning path as a team. Course delivery can be either in-person and live online. All our courses are available in English and German language.

We are also happy to offer customized courses – whether it is for a single class or a series of events – upon request. This in­cludes hands-on work­shops, one-on-one coachings, and other formats.

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