Looking Across Takes You Ahead

ACROSS & AHEAD – that’s more than our company name, it’s our mission. We provide global advisory and training services de­voted to helping and em­powering enterprises to look at the bigger picture – across different lines and functions – and to think ahead by aligning around a common vision and translating motivation into execution in a structured way. We are passionate about shaping enterprises whose parts reso­nate with each other. Core to this in our approach are enterprise and, particu­larly, business architecture, leveraged in a way that provides for a combined use with other design-oriented practices.

Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Training

Break boundaries

Enterprises are not seldom mastered by silos. People are trapped inside the boundaries of their individual depart­ments, and changes are made without due consideration of states and con­cerns elsewhere in the organi­zation. We help you to master silos instead and look across the organi­zation to identify synergies and depen­dencies and gauge things from an enter­prise-wide pers­pective. Business architecture plays a key role in here. Using concepts like value streams and capabilities, we frame dives into executional aspects like processes, resources (incl. information technology), and culture from a cross-organi­za­tional point of view. To uplift and maintain the ability to approach things holistically, we also work with you to formally establish and mature an architecture practice in the organiza­tion. We pursue a concern-oriented, colla­borative approach that embeds archi­tectural thinking across the entire enterprise.

Shape the future

Delivering on a strategy is a major challenge for enterprises nowadays. It requires a systematic look ahead and a clear translation into a future state of how to create value and operate accord­ingly. We guide you from motivation to execution and help you shape your future business – from value propo­sition, services, channels, etc. to operating aspects such as processes, organization, and information techno­logy. At the same time, enterprises need to be more adaptive than ever before. Using the metaphor of throwing a paper plane, it is about giving direction, but allowing for a move left or right if needed. We facilitate the use of design tools and architecture blueprints as the necessary foundation. In addition, we work with you to craft effective stories to help overcome resistance and keep people on track on your transformation journey.
Business Design and Digital Transformation Consulting and Training
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