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ACROSS & AHEAD is a specialist advisory and train­ing firm based in Cologne (Germany), with a focus on enterprise archi­tecture (EA) and business architecture (BA) and design. Our name says it all – it is our mission to help enterprises to look at business and operating models holistically and to align around a common vision and make it reality. We ourselves are inspired by a vision that it will be common for enter­prises around the globe to leverage architectural ap­proach­es and thinking in whatever kind of efforts to realize their strategic ambitions. We aim to contribute our share and co-advance the discipline to make this happen.

We are particularly accomplished at de­veloping architecture practices, creating architecture blue­prints, and providing methodical guidance in business designs and transformations. To help enterprises navigate from strategy to execution we generally pursue a cross-disciplinary approach, combining architecture meth­ods with design thinking and other rele­vant techniques. In whatever we do, we make sure to tailor it to our clients’ needs. Thinking and acting outside the box belongs to our daily practice. The best design can only be successful though if people can connect with it. Therefore, we put special emphasis on storytelling as another cornerstone of our approach to practicing enterprise and business architecture.

To master the challenges we face in today’s multi-faceted environments, we work with an expert network of associates and part­ners, offering a wide range of expertise on enterprise architecture and business archi­tecture as well as related disci­plines and practices. This allows us to bring the best minds together appropriate to a given situation at hand.

Daniel Simon | ACROSS & AHEAD

Daniel Simon is the Founder and Man­aging Director of ACROSS & AHEAD. His passion is to guide enter­prises on their business design and trans­for­mation journeys. He has extensive experience in estab­lishing archi­tecture practices, developing archi­tecture blueprints (e.g., capability maps), and facilitating business design and transformation activities.

Daniel is also a long-time trainer in the field. He has delivered business archi­tecture (based on, e.g., the BIZBOK® Guide) and enterprise architecture courses (e.g., on ArchiMate® and TOGAF®) to more than one thousand delegates to date (approx. 150 courses with more than 350 training days). He holds several certifications. Among others, he is a Certified Business Architect® and an ArchiMate® Practitioner.

Daniel holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cologne. He is the (co-)author of several publications on enterprise and business archi­tecture, including, e.g., “IT Land­scape Management Using Network Analysis” (CONFENIS, 2012), “The Nature and a Process for Develop­ment of Enterprise Archi­tecture Principles” (BIS Conference, 2015), and “Enter­prise Archi­tecture Manage­ment and its Role in Cor­porate Strategic Management” (Information Systems and e-Business Management, 2013).

The aforementioned journal article introduced a framework that Daniel developed to embrace business archi­tecture in a comprehensive way, across three fundamental parts: business motivation, business model, and business execution. This framework served as the basis for the anthology “Business Archi­tecture Management – Architecting the Business for Consis­tency and Alignment” (Springer, 2015) that Daniel as the lead editor managed to take to publication.

Daniel also regularly speaks at confer­ences and events. Past talks include “A Business Architect’s Journey to Making an Impact” (Business Architecture Innovation Summit, Reston, 2024), “Making Architecture Stick” (IRM UK Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Conference, London, 2023), “Translating Strategy into Execution Using Business Architecture” (Enterprise Architecture Summer School, Copen­hagen, 2023), “ArchiMate® Applied – Insights from Real-Life Cases” (The Open Group Conference, London, 2016), “EA Principles: Guide Rails or Laws? An Insurance Industry Case Study” (The Open Group Con­ference, London, 2013), and “Business Architecture – The Trans­formation Cockpit for the Enter­prise” (The Open Group Conference, Stockholm, 2010).

Daniel is also host of the “Business Architecture Meets Sustainability” webinar series and organizer of a business architecture roundtable event series in Germany.

In addition to that, Daniel is a lecturer at the University of Bamberg. He is respon­sible for the enterprise architecture management module in the information systems degree program.

Our Partners

We collaborate with various partner organizations, freelance experts, and university institutions, some of which can be found below. We are also a member of a number of international associations and communities. More information on our partner network will be avail­able here shortly.

We are partner with palladio consulting, a consultancy special­izing in business analysis, enter­prise architecture, and project management to help achieve business and IT alignment.

We are a Guild Accredited Training Partner® (GATP®) with the Business Archi­tec­ture Guild, an inter­na­tional, not-for-profit, member-based association and the source for A Guide to the Business Archi­tecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide).

We are a member of The Open Group. We are involved in both the ArchiMate® Forum and the Architecture Forum, the latter of which is known as the home of the TOGAF® standard.

We hold guest lectures and super­vise student theses on enterprise archi­tecture manage­ment at the Chair of Infor­mation Systems I at the University of Stuttgart.

We work together with the Depart­ment of Information Sys­tems and Social Net­works at the Uni­ver­sity of Bam­berg on explor­ing the use of network analysis methods for enter­prise archi­tecture purposes.

We work together with the Depart­ment of Information Sys­tems and Social Net­works at the Uni­ver­sity of Bam­berg on explor­ing the use of network analysis methods for enter­prise archi­tecture purposes.

Our Clients

Medium-sized to large organizations from various industries (incl., e.g., retail, banking, insurance, public administration) trust in ACROSS & AHEAD. Here are just some of our clients that we have supported with architecture advisory and training services to date:

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