The ArchiMate® modeling language – a standard of The Open Group – offers a default iconography for a uniform visual representation of enterprise architectures. It encompasses different architectural layers (e.g., business, application, technology) and aspects (e.g., structure, behavior) and thus enables practitioners to describe and visualize architectures across these different areas using one common language.

Armed with in-depth experiences in establishing and using ArchiMate® in practice, we offer two training courses at different levels of proficiency to let you learn about ArchiMate®: one at the foundation level designed to make you familiar with the language, the other at the practitioner level allowing you to dive deeper into the use of the language once you have gained some experience yourself.

Our lead instructor Daniel has been involved as a reviewer in the development of the ArchiMate® 3.0 release and is a co-contributor of the “ArchiMate® 3.1 Translation Glossary: English – German”.

Foundation Course:
ArchiMate® 3.2 (Level 1)

Our ArchiMate® foundation course lets you explore the structure and concepts of the ArchiMate® modeling language. While it guides you through all language concepts, modeling exercises do focus on the use of the ArchiMate® core elements (Business, Application, Technology). The course prepares attendees for the ArchiMate® Foundation (Level 1) certification exam.

  • Introduction into the structure of the ArchiMate® language
  • ArchiMate® core elements (Business, Application, Technology, Physical)
  • ArchiMate® relationships, incl. deriviation basics
  • Overview of non-core elements (Motivation, Strategy, Implementation & Migration)
  • Good practices for establishing and using ArchiMate®

currently no dates scheduled for this course to be held in English


Practitioner Course:
ArchiMate® 3.2 (Level 2)

Our ArchiMate® practitioner course allows you to strengthen and refine your under­standing of ArchiMate® and increase your proficiency in using the language. You’ll work on small but complex modeling assignments and evaluate the explanatory power of different modeling approaches. Course participation requires proper knowledge of the ArchiMate® concepts and (initial) modeling experiences using ArchiMate®. The course prepares attendees for the ArchiMate® Practitioner (Level 2) certification exam.

  • Brief recap of language fundamentals
  • Derivation rules for relationships
  • Language customization mechanisms
  • Using ArchiMate® in complex modeling situations

currently no dates scheduled for this course to be held in English



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