Storytelling & Facilitation

Architecture expertise is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for an archi­tecture practitioner to make an impact in the organization. As a matter of fact, enter­prise, business, and IT architects usually spend a significant amount of their work­ing hours on relationship manage­ment, consulta­tion, problem solving, and communi­cation. This is crucial to make people understand, accept, and participate in archi­tecture efforts. There­fore, archi­tecture practitioners are more than ever before required to wear differ­ent hats and, among others, be able to assume the roles of a marketeer and a sales specialist to a certain extent. At the same time, with the rising adoption of a more collaborative approach to enterprise architecture and business architecture, practi­tioners are in­creasingly asked to help balance things out and over­come conflicting interests. Essentially they are needed as facilitators and mediators.

We offer two dedicated training courses to help master the inter­per­sonal challenges that an archi­tecture practitioner faces. One course lets you dive into architecture story­telling, while the other one focuses on facilitation. Based on some methodical foun­da­tions, both courses come in hands-on formats that are highly practice oriented.


Our “Architecture Storytelling” course lets you explore the use of stories to help ex­plain architecture concepts and deliver­ables in an understandable and memo­rable way and engage with stake­holders more effectively. It essentially shows how to craft and tell stories (incl. a clear plot, turning points, etc.) that emo­tion­alize and make messages stick. It also addresses the use of analogies and meta­phors to articu­late points to stake­holders not familiar with archi­tecture in a more digestible way.
  • Foundations of architecture storytelling
  • Story design approaches and tools
  • Story patterns
  • Storytelling in use for architecture concepts / deliverables

next dates for this course to be held in English coming soon



Our “Architecture Facilitation” course provides architecture practitioners with means to help facilitate discussions with stakeholders while working on certain deliverables such as, e.g., visions, target architectures, or roadmaps. It deals with various formats and tools that you can use while acting as a facilitator in typical enter­prise, business, or IT architecture work sessions. A number of group exer­cises let you experience the approaches yourself.

  • Foundations of architecture facilitation
  • Formats and tools for facilitators dealing with architecture matters
  • Architecture facilitation practice scenarios

currently no dates scheduled for this course to be held in English



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